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Swimming courses at Forte Village
At Forte Village, we have a swimming smorgasbord for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, or if you just want to develop your technique and style, our Swimming Academy is for you. Swimming courses are held in one of the three dedicated pools: Baia delle Palme, a saltwater pool; Oasis, a freshwater pool; or the heated Castello infinity pool.

The lessons
Forte Village swimming school’s expert instructors give personalised lessons on a 1-to-1 basis or in small groups of at most 3 students. We offer 3 levels of coaching, according to your ability.

Level one: BEGINNER
Here, we start by putting you at your ease in water and teaching basic propulsion techniques, to help you achieve good, natural balance and move independently in water.

You’ll learn to coordinate your breathing, inhaling when your head emerges, and exhaling when immersed.

You also swim some short underwater stretches, dive from the edge of the pool, and learn to float in a vertical position.

In more detail, the Beginner’s swimming course comprises:

  • approaching the water
  • immersing your face and breathing technique
  • floating horizontally
  • body positions and gliding
  • the backstroke and freestyle leg kicks (with or without support)
  • side breathing in freestyle, with support.

The second level develops your backstroke and freestyle stroke and teaches the symmetrical strokes (breaststroke and butterfly) through coordination exercises.

The strokes are coached at a basic level, of course, without aiming for technical refinement.

We develop underwater swimming and breathing control by collecting objects from the bottom of the pool, in deep and shallow water.

The Intermediate swimming course objectives are:

  • a full backstroke swim (at least 25 metres)
  • a full freestyle swim (at least 25 metres)
  • achieving the correct breaststroke kick
  • practising the butterfly stroke and kick
  • diving off the board from a standing position
  • basic turns
  • underwater swimming and collecting objects from the pool floor.

The third level provides personalised coaching to hone your technique at the four strokes plus starts and turns. In a 1-week, 5-lesson package (one lesson a day for five days), day 1 is dedicated to freestyle, day 2 to breaststroke, day 3 to backstroke, day 4 to butterfly, and day 5 to a review of all the strokes including starts and the “regulation” turns.

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