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Gourmet Cooking Academy

Attending a cooking class, on holiday

Lessons from the great chefs: spice up your holiday

Being a good cook means tempting and captivating your diners, and having fun. So why not attend a cooking class taught by Forte Village’s fantastic chefs? Our superb Cooking Academy will teach you the basics of the very best traditional Italian and international cuisine, how to perfect one of its pièces de résistance, or how to create a whole menu. If you really love your family and friends and if you want to unleash your inner cooking talent, then don’t miss this unique opportunity. One cooking lesson a day, and you can show off your new-found skills when you get home.

Cooking Academy lessons will take place in the kitchens of the Forte Gourmet restaurant. Like in the best cooking class, the participants will have their own workspace. The week-long course will show you how to create a whole menu, from nibbles to pasta dishes, including how to make the perfect tomato sauce of course, as well as main courses and pastries. If you prefer, you can take part in just one lesson on a particular theme. All participants will receive a kit comprising a recipe book and apron.



Mamma Antonia’s stuffed Pasta
Preparation of a variety of stuffed pasta such as Ricotta Ravioli and meat tortellini. 

The tastes of Sardinia
Preparation of the traditional Sardinian foods such as Seabass ‘alla Vernaccia’ and ‘Fregola’ made with clams and bottarga.

Tomato sauces
The different consistencies of the tomato: fresh sauce and different uses of cooked and raw tomato puree.

The art of risotto
Perfecting risotto. Learn the secrets of the famous saffron and seafood risottos.

Muffins and Cupcakes
A favourite for children’s birthday parties: learn how to make classic muffins colourful cupcakes

Pastas of Italy
Irresistable pasta dishesPenne all’amatriciana, Seafood spaghetti, Liguini carbonara

Sushi, sashimi, maki and nigiri

The Art of Pizza
Discover the art of making Italian pizza and focaccias.

The catch of the day
Marinating is an art. Learn how to make starters of Carpaccio and main courses of fresh fish.

Biscuits and pastry
Preparation of doughs and how to use them

Emiliana style lasagne and ‘Parmigiana di melanzane’
The oven based dishes of Italian cuisine

Outdoor Dining
Snacks, quick meals and transportable food for your pic-nicks and outings.