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For your luxurious holiday in Sardinia, Forte Village Resort offers a true oasis of wellbeing surrounded by lush, verdant nature. The thalassotherapy circuit at the Acquaforte SPA wellness centre has six pools, each of which will surprise your body and soul, heightening the benefits of treatments and making them last even longer.

Today, Acquaforte SPA is a member of the “Leading Spas of the World” and part of the University of Milan’s Experimental Thalassotherapy Centre, as well as being the best wellness centre and spa in Sardinia.

The sea oil pool is the first step towards wellbeing. Its high concentration of magnesium salts gives it extraordinary buoyancy, the ideal way to take the pressure off the joints and relax the muscles deep down. The salinity is 30° Bè.


Next come the boundless riches of sea oil and aloe with all the freshness of mint. This pools conjures up a wonderful blend of thalassotherapy and phytotherapy. Sodium salts give the water a saline density of 13° Bè, enabling you to float gently and relax the body and mind as never before.


A dip in the third, sodium-rich pool intensifies the benefits of seawater on the body, encouraging it to release toxins, absorb mineral elements, relieve pressure on the joints and relax the muscles. Its discreet position and high buoyancy make it the ideal place for a massage, treating the body and mind alike to a feeling of pure magic.


The fourth pool with normal salinity Forte seawater heightens the extraordinary effects of thalassotherapy, complete with whirlpool jets designed to reach different parts of the body – from the abdomen to the back and soles of the feet. A combination of water, pressure and movement tones and encourages cell turnover, with an exceptional anti-swelling, draining action.


The last two pools also contain Forte seawater, this time at low temperatures, providing an excellent contrasting experience which aids vasoconstriction and vascular exercise. Whirlpool jets, aimed gently all over the body, help stimulate the skin, remove toxins and firm the tissues.



In the luxury Forte Village spa you can also increase the benefits of thalassotherapy, thanks to Body Reshape programmes and body treatments. In our Acquaforte SPA wellness centre our guests can complement the thalasso-detox circuit with:

  • Performance center, a center dedicated to professional and amateur athletes seeking new training systems to achieve their sporting goals.
  • Cosmetic medicine, with Dr Amira Bodareva’s medical beauty treatments, innovative and targeted to help reshape the body: ultrasound, carboxytherapy and LPG lipomassage for localised fat deposits.
  • Massage therapy, our therapists’ treatments will drain, slim, reshape and resolve problems for the entire body, using sea mud treatments and draining, sports and anti-cellulite massages.