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In our luxury resort, Forte Village guests can visit the Forte Lab, a complete sports medical centre, specialised in cosmetic and sports medicine. The centre offers ideal services for guests who wish to look after their health whilst on holiday. Located in the splendid setting of Sardinia, this sports medical centre is also the perfect place for those who need treatments and check-ups during the year.

Back in 1990 the medical team at Forte Village came up with an innovative method which revolutionised international thalassotherapy, introducing the idea of different salt concentrations and different water temperatures. In 1992 our resort’s Acquaforte Spa wellness centre became the clinical facility and laboratory for the University of Milan’s Experimental Thalassotherapy Centre. It was here that Dr Angelo Cerina, director of the clinical facility, and Professor Umberto Solimene of the University of Milan drew up new thalassotherapy-based medical protocols based on{link}thalassotherapy{http://www.fortevillageresort.com/thalasso-spa/thalassotherapy/}. Their research has led to targeted treatments for physical and psycho-physical recovery, women’s health, age prevention and detox programmes.

Over the years, our beach resort’s range of treatments and services has widened, making a stay at Forte Village the ideal opportunity to recover your full health and fitness, whilst at the same time enjoying the marvellous sea and unspoilt natural surroundings of Sardinia.



Forte Village’s Sports Medicine Centre at Acquaforte SPA wellness centre boasts cutting-edge facilities, with a team of medical staff and professional consultants on hand to give you a complete check-up. You could have the following tests and check-ups:

  • Cardiovascular Check-Up;
  • Performance Test;
  • Sport Man Performance Test;
  • Osteoarticular Test;
  • Body Reshape Test;
  • Stress Test;
  • Detox Test;
  • Anti-Aging Test.



At the Forte Village Acquaforte SPA our guests can enjoy the most cutting-edge medical beauty treatments, thanks to the specialist Dr Amira Bodareva.

At our wellness centre the following treatments are available:

  • Ultrasound;
  • Oxygen therapy;
  • Carboxytherapy;
  • Radio-frequency;
  • Microdermabrasion;
  • Biorevitalization;
  • LPG, lipomassage for localised fat deposits.



The partnership between Forte Village and world-renowned expert in laser therapy Professor Pier Francesco Parra has created an extraordinary synergy. Working from our brand new Forte Lab Sports Medical Centre, Professor Parra (also known as “Dr Laser”) offers the innovative technology ideal for treating conditions linked to the muscles and tendons, ligaments and the spine in particular. Developed in 1988 and perfected over time, this method is used by patients from all over the world, especially by professional athletes from many different sports disciplines. For example, the likes of Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. Professor Parra has also devised a special therapy for treating back pain, a very common disorder which affects the quality of life for many people. When combined with the benefits of Forte Village’s thalassotherapy circuit, the effects and duration of Dr Laser’s treatments are boosted considerably.

Professor Parra regularly visits our resort in Sardinia and is in constant contact with staff, ensuring that each treatment plan is completely tailor-made.

His High Power Laser Treatment consists of six laser micro-applications over three separate sessions, combined with thalassotherapy where necessary.


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