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Acquaforte Thalasso Spa is inspired by nature, the sea, the sun and the earth. It stands in an oasis of tranquillity where the colours frame the luxuriant plant life, where fragrances suffuse the air laden with resins and essential oils, and where you can savour experiences that will recharge your mind, body and spirit through our herbs and flowers.

That is what our herbalist tradition is all about. Herbs – from wild varieties to those cultivated in plots certified to rigorous standards – are carefully selected to produce a range of infusions of supreme quality and undisputed effectiveness.

Myrtle, prickly pear, thyme, helichrysum and rosemary, all characteristic Sardinian species, are gathered in season when their active ingredients are at their richest to obtain infusions with real benefits for your system.

The purifying infusion is most effective in the morning on an empty stomach or after thalassotherapy. The revitalising, relaxing and draining infusions offer a pleasant and efficient way to combat unsightly cellulite in harness with our thalassotherapy and cosmetics.
Our fruit infusions packed with natural vitamins are especially effective and can be savoured like a liquid fruit salad.

Our herbal expert, Dr Genny Piga, has done a deal with Mother Nature, protecting and safeguarding her treasures in exchange for recipes brimming with goodness and wellness.