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Physiotherapy Treatments

Chose Forte Village Resort and the splendid setting of Sardinia for your physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation programmes. Physiotherapy treatments are centred on specific techniques designed for sports training and rehabilitation. The treatments are devised for athletes and anyone with muscular and osteoarticular problems caused by an injury. At Acquaforte SPA’s exclusive wellness centre our guests can enjoy the following treatments:

  • Physiotherapy massage: ideal for preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating patients with congenital conditions and disorders and those with acute neurological, muscular, skeletal and internal complaints. The massage includes various types of treatment such as physiotherapy, manual therapy, deep tissue massage, postural therapy and kinesiology.
  • Postural osteopathy: a technique based on a series of extremely precise manipulations. It is suitable for all kinds of osteoarticular and muscular ailments.
  • Chiropractic: scientific holistic discipline and curative art. It aims to treat the causes of physical problems rather than curing the symptoms. Chiropractic focuses primarily on structural problems linked to the spine which cause dysfunctions throughout the body and the nervous system in particular.
  • Tecar® therapy: uses a radiofrequency device to generate localised heat, stimulating the tissues and cells with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on the part being treated. It has a therapeutic action on the entire muscular-skeletal system, targeting: the soft tissues (such as muscles, blood and lymphatic circulation) and tissues with the highest electrical resistance (with lower concentrations of water, such as bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, aponeuroses, deep connective tissue, fibrous tissue, scars, keloids, etc.).
  • Shock waves: high-energy soundwaves which generate a direct mechanical force. The main aim of this technique is to transfer energy to the body tissues and stimulate the natural biological repair processes.

It has a therapeutic action on the entire muscular-skeletal system, targeting:

– Bone tissue;

– Soft tissue conditions;

– Tendon-related conditions.


At Forte Village’s Acquaforte SPA wellness centre our guests can also discover Selam, real revolution in the Fitness sector. The system was designed and built to reap the full benefits of the high saline seawater. Selam introduces a new concept of water-based exercise in the total absence of gravity, enabling guests to easily achieve far greater levels of performance compared to the physical effort involved.

Inspired by the idea of a compact, modular gym, Selam is a complete innovation: a magical synergy between water and underwater gym equipment. This incredibly modular, adaptable system – the secret to its successful outcomes – uses special supports for water-based exercise. It is aimed at professional and amateur athletes, people with weight issues, pregnant women and anyone suffering from acute and ongoing back-related problems.

Selam exercises can be used to improve R.O.M (range of movement) following an injury. Selam’s modular design also makes it suitable for functional training.