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Alfons Schuhbeck presents Spice for Life

In the enchanting corner of the Tisaneria, at the heart of the Aquaforte Spa, our guests will find a delightful new menu, ‘with spices’ by Michelin star chef Alfons Schuhbeck, ideal to complete and to add potency to your detox treatment. In the exclusive Spa resort, the famous German chef has created the program called Spice for Life, an original gourmet philosophy which sees in the spices of ginger, turmeric, basil, and juniper, as the most valid to help rebalance and to detoxify the body without renouncing the pleasure of dining well.

The approach is based on endless trips around the world. In fact his research took chef Schuhbeck, before coming to Sardinia, to every corner of the world, from the Tropics of South America, following the ancient spice routes, to discover for himself what has been believed since antiquity by physical therapists and herbalists: there are spices and herbs which contain strong medicinal properties, for example antipyretic , antibacterial and anti – inflammatory. Some examples? Capsaicin helps the process of digestion, it contributes to rendering fatty foods more digestible; ginger helps to support the immune system in the prevention of colds; garlic reinforces the blood vessels, it stimulates blood circulation, chili strengthens blood vessels, stimulates circulation and metabolism and can help to keep the levels of LDL cholesterol in check.

But the health benefits are not everything: the other benefit, the most immediate, are the contribution that spices offer in the enhancement of the flavors thanks to their aroma. “Spices and herbs look irresistible to a cook, they have sensuality: it is impossible not to be creative when a chef comes in contact with spices and herbs, with their scent, their appearance and the fascinating sensations they can generate. Take the spices in hand, smell them, grind them and toast them, all steps that stimulate the appetite. ”

Words of Alfons Schuhubeck. We already want to taste them. And you?

Spice for Life
Spice for Life