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Today thalassotherapy is the most natural, effective, comprehensive means of restoring wellbeing and inner harmony. The thalassotherapy approach is an excellent detox treatment, helping guests to recover and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. Forte Village and the medical team led by Dr Angelo Cerina offer a circuit of six ‘pure’ seawater pools sourced 100 metres from the shore at temperatures between 39° and 25° C with different salt concentrations. These features boost the healing action and enhance the detox effect of each guest’s personalised programme, making their holiday in Sardinia truly unforgettable.



The benefits of Forte Village’s thalassotherapy circuit are rounded off by a series of targeted treatments and exclusive methods designed by the medical team at Acquaforte Spa wellness centre. The following treatments are available:

  • Heavenly legs – a “stroll” through high saline seawater (13° Bè), with the water decreasing in temperature from 34° to 10° C. It has unique benefits for the legs, helping to remedy vascular problems, swelling and muscle and skin tone. A manual treatment completes the lymph-drainage action, resulting in renewed firmness and a feeling of absolute lightness.
  • Natural sea salt scrub – salt rich in sodium and magnesium is used to carry out a peeling treatment in the warm steam of the Turkish bath. The draining and purifying effects help free the skin from toxins and dead cells, enabling it to absorb all the benefits of thalassotherapy and the sunshine.
  • Thalasso massage – a thalassotherapy treatment like no other: it is carried out in high saline water in the complete absence of gravity, bringing about a deep state of relaxation and abandonment.
  • Sea oil cryotherapy: our expert therapists use sea oil (which freezes at -40°) to drain the tissues and kick-start the microcirculation.
  • Sea mud – an authentic beauty balm: mud rich in mineral salts and micronutrients is enhanced by the waters of the Mediterranean and our exclusive sea oil formula. It helps broaden and target the effects of thalassotherapy, toning and revitalising the skin deep down and treating all types of skin problems (including psoriasis) as well as osteoarticular and muscle conditions.


During your stay at Forte Village you can enjoy an exclusive luxury holiday in Sardinia and at the same time get back into shape thanks to the numerous benefits of thalassotherapy.