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Thalassotherapy at Acquaforte Thalasso&Spa

Detox, regenerate, enhance

Acquaforte Thalasso&Spa thalassotherapy is based on the revolutionary principle of sea water at different temperatures and different saline densities.

Set in a wonderful garden, the thalassotherapy course consists of six pure Sardinian sea water pools, with water drawn from just over a hundred metres from the shoreline at a depth of ten metres.

The first three pools – at a high temperature and with a high saline concentration – have an extraordinary detox effect. The final three – with a lower saline concentration and at lower temperatures – round off the regenerating programme, stabilising the exchanges between the body and the mineral salts.


1st sea oil or brine pool

Temperature: 37°-38°

Draining, muscle-relaxing and energising action

The very high concentration of magnesium salt allows the body to float, performing a draining and anti-inflammatory action and delightfully relaxing the muscles. The high temperature of the water has a vasodilatory effect, and when combined with the high saline density, it increases metabolic exchanges by osmosis, thereby aiding the draining and detox effect.


2nd sea oil, or brine, pool with aloe and mint

Temperature: 37°- 38°

Action that stimulates the production of endorphins

In this pool, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy join forces: sea oil is mixed with refreshing mint and aloe vera, appreciated for centuries for its therapeutic properties for the skin. The combination of phytotherapeutic elements and magnesium salt provides extraordinary results in terms of skin pathologies (psoriasis). The first and second pools also have a stimulating and gratifying effect, thanks to the production of endorphins.


3rd high saline density pool

Temperature: 37°-38°

Action complementing the exchanges between the sea and body

Thanks to osmosis, a dip in this sodium-rich pool continues and increases the exchanges between the sea water and the body, stimulating the elimination of toxins, introducing sea salt that is full of minerals, and continuing the relaxation of the muscles. Furthermore, the high temperature of the water generates extraordinary mental and physical relaxation and transforms the pool into a place of silent enchantment, where you can discover all the wellbeing of one of the most original and exclusive Acquaforte Thalasso&Spa massages.


4th pure sea water pool

Temperature: 37-38°

Toning and sensory action

This high temperature, pure sea water pool features whirlpools that stimulate microcirculation from the soles of the feet to the abdominal muscles and the back. The movement and the water pressure and vigorously and sensorially stimulate various body areas, complementing the muscle-relaxing effect of the previous pools.


5th pure sea water pool

Temperature: 30-32°

Gentle reaction and vasoconstrictor action

A dip in this pool of pure sea water – at a lower temperature than previous pools – stimulates vasoconstriction of the microcirculation and veins, and, after the vasodilation of the previous pools at warmer temperatures, triggers gentle vascular exercise, complemented by the effect of the whirlpools.


6th pure sea water pool

Temperature: 25°-27°

High-impact reaction completing vasoconstriction

This spectacularly sized pool with pure sea water at a lower temperature is the perfect end to vascular exercise and the toning action all over the body, thanks to its remarkable vasoconstrictor action. The upstream lane and the variety of whirlpools set in the pool’s bays instil a wonderful feeling of lightness and energy.


Signature Treatments

Light, lightness, seduction

The medical team of Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa have spent years of research to design and develop a wonderful collection of extraordinarily effective and appealing exclusive treatments.

Heavenly legs

A walk through sea water, divided into a series of stages with different saline densities and decreasing temperatures, from 34° to 10°. It is ideal for toning the legs and working on vascular diseases, with its extraordinary anti-edema action. The result: lighter, more toned, more seductive legs.

Natural sea salt exfoliation

In the fragrant steam of the Turkish bath, a salt-based scrub removes toxins and dead cells from the skin, draining excess liquid, and preparing the body to receive the benefits of thalassotherapy and the sun.

Honey and salt massage

One of life’s rules is that opposites attract, as this extraordinary massage proves, where the softness of honey and the energy of salt, combined with essential oils, purify and smooth the skin, preparing it to welcome the smiling sun and every caress.

Sea oil cryotherapy

Drawing on the property of sea oil, which freezes at -40 °, the treatment combines the benefits of low temperature with the draining and toning properties of this extraordinary natural magnesium-based liquid. Thanks to the skilled massage of the therapists, the microcirculation is reactivated and the body becomes wonderfully light again, with a remarkable skin anti-aging effect.

Sea mud

Thanks to its wealth of minerals and trace elements, boosted by the waters of the Mediterranean, when applied over the whole body or on specific areas, sea mud complements the benefits of thalassotherapy, toning and working therapeutically on skin pathologies and the bone/muscle system with a very remarkable anti-inflammatory effect.

Thalassotherapy pools of Acquaforte Spa
Acquaforte Spa - Forte Village - Thalassotherapy
Acquaforte Spa - Forte Village - Thalassotherapy