The safest island

Sardinia is the first and only white zone in Italy

The island has always stood out for its distinctive splendor is now in the spotlight as an example of safety and protection for the whole Country.

Since March 1st in fact, due to the low Rt index reported for three weeks in a row, many of the restrictions in place in the rest of the country have been dropped here. This includes the curfew which has been moved to 11:30 PM, restaurants and bars being allowed to open in the evenings, as well as shopping malls and museums opening on weekends.

At Forte Village, we remain dedicated to providing you an unmissable and unforgettable experience with the enhancement of a further level of protection the Covid Protection Protocol for even higher reassurance. A place that remains unique in the world where you can fully enjoy a peerless choice of activities and experience the holiday of a lifetime, forgetting about everything.

Zero cases in 2020Covid protection protocol

Last year Forte Village was the first resort in the world to implement a Covid Protection Protocol with unique instant testing on arrival which allowed guests to put aside all the stress and strains and enjoy their holiday in complete freedom. A detailed protocol, validated by a medical-scientific committee from Italy’s leading Universities which made it possible to record zero cases throughout the whole summer season and was met with praise from clients and agents alike, creating a worldwide best practice.


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