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In our resort there is an enchanted garden for children, just a stone’s throw from the sea (and mom and dad) called Wonderland. As never before the luxury family resort, Forte Village, will shine in the sky for every little guest.

Children are you ready to be amazed? Discover the charming Mario’s Village, a tribute to our friendly parrot. Imagine a small town square with a fountain, overlooked by nine magnificent miniature houses of 10sqm each. Each house dedicated to a theme: from the fire station (with lots of uniforms) to the restaurant, from the library to the town hall, the cinema, grocery store, the gas station and the beauty salon. Just imagine the children inventing new games every day, and through the fun of role play, learn to develop their personality and social skills. Imagine the happiness of every little guest who experiences the the thrill of his birthday here and those who celebrate with a private party in this very beautiful and exclusive setting.

And for the smallest of the small? The most beautiful nursery in the world! This summer we went one step further. And Barbie? Hooray, she is back, and we invite the children of the Resort to visit the beautiful Barbie ™ Activity Centre.

Creativity, fun and ecology in the new Wonderlab. Children use ceramics origami, and Velcro to the create objects made from recycled materials. And for the bedtime story? Easy, just dream of taking flight with Mario and Bridget, the colorful pair of parrots, who are the mascots of the small folk at the of Forte Village.