Forte Village / Sustainability


In recent years, attention to the environment has become a priority shared by many sectors, in particular, the tourism sector.

Living in harmony with nature, supporting the local economy and culture, maximizing economic and social benefits, are the stages of a constant journey that aims at a better quality of life capable of improving the present without jeopardizing the future.

The strengths that make our resort a model of sustainability:


With the resort there are dedicated containers for recycling,  plastic, paper and organic food waste. In addition plastic plates, cutlery, bottles and cups have been eliminated from the resort and replaced with paper cups and metal cutlery.

Energy saving

Lighting in gardens and public areas are by controlled by timing mechanisms that reduce overall energy consumption. All the light bulbs in the gardens and bedrooms of the structure are LED. In 2019, solar, thermal and photovoltaic panel systems were also installed.

Water consumption

The resort has its own dam, the water collected is filtered and used to irrigate the 47 hectares of garden. To avoid wasting water and using detergents, the resort invites guests to make less frequent linen changes.

The ecological footprint

The only vehicles allowed inside Forte Village are electric golf carts with drivers and bicycles for adults and children.

Food and beverage 

Most of the food used in the kitchens comes from local farms and fisheries, while inside the resort there is a vegetable garden to guarantee guests always have the freshest high-quality products.


Within the Forte Village there are three thousand species of plants, while five thousand are the new plants grown each year. The team of gardeners is made up of eighty people who work closely with local authorities on conservation projects financed by the resort, together we aim to protect one of the most delicate areas of the Sardinian coast.