08 Sep 2016

10 ideas for maintaining a splendid golden skin also when the holidays are over.

Spa & Wellness

During the holidays we behaved well: we gradually got our skin used to exposure to the sun, we used the right protections, we ate healthily and avoided sunburn. Now our skin is a splendid golden colour and our appearance reflects all our rediscovered psycho-physical well-being.

And yet… just a few days away from the beach are enough to lose most of our summer veneer. No problem, our Acquaforte Spa Team is here to give advice about how to keep the first shadows of autumn at bay and the watchword is stay moisturised.

To achieve this aim it’s enough to follow a few little tricks.

  1. As everyone knows, we lose our tan because the epidermis naturally eliminates dry, dead cells. That’s why it’s important to feed the epithelial tissues using a moisturising cream, but it’s better to choose deep-acting ones.
  2. If we want to keep our “tint” it’s good to eat fruit and vegetables – better if yellow-orange in colour – and red fruits, which are valuable anti-oxidants and curatives, while nuts and olive oil are fundamental reserves of vitamins B and E. And don’t forget to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  3. Leave the hot baths until winter and choose cool showers, which help the skin to stay elastic.
  4. Instead of bubble-baths, use oils and gels, obviously the nourishing, moisturising types.
  5. When you dry yourself, avoid vigorous rubbing of the skin, dab gently.
  6. After the bath it’s good to massage the body with particularly moisturising substances such as shea butter, or aloe vera-based creams because these are rich in vitamins and nourishing substances. Also avocado oil is excellent for maintaining the suntan longer.
  7. Instead of perfumes containing alcohol, choose essential oils.
  8. Often the town water supply is too rich in chlorine. In this case you can sprinkle your body with oils before taking a shower.
  9. If you skin starts to lose its shine or starts to peel and look patchy, opt for a gentle gommage.
  10. Sunbathe again as soon as possible, if only for a weekend. In this case we recommend the Forte Village Resort: it’s a fantastic place in September.