04 Jul 2016

A resort with millions of followers


Among all the records it has achieved, the Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula can also count being the most loved by the web’s top influencers.

Mariano di Vaio
Mariano di Vaio, one of the sexiest models and bloggers on the planet, guest of the Forte Village Resort, last summer described the marvellous welcoming facilities in the closely followed pages of his blog MDV Style, where he tells us about everything that a true gentleman can like, from fashion to travel, from music to films, to sport.


Negin Mirshalehi Negin Mirshalehi is the winner of the Stylight Fashion Blogger award in the Most Promising Fashion Blog category and of the Best New Media Talent in Marie Claire’s Prix de la Mode. The young Dutch woman who has beaten world competition, as a great lover not only of fashion but of nature too, could only be bewitched by the incredible beauty of the waters of Santa Margherita.



Sophisticated and extremely elegant Swiss journalist Sandra Bauknecht described her stay at the Villa del Parco of the Forte Village Resort and the luxurious welcome, day and night.

Last but not least, the Italian Chiara Ferragni, trend setter and beauty icon who has conquered the world with her fresh, bright style, is one of the most faithful guests at the Forte Village. Last year, as she tells us in “the blond salad”, she spent five heavenly days there, bringing all her family: her mother and sisters.