30 Jan 2015

A summer night’s dream under the Christmas tree


Uniq, Forte Village’s magazine, materialises like magic at Christmas under the tree of all the friends of the 5-star resort of Santa Margherita di Pula, just like the finest gift from Santa Claus’s sleigh. A magazine rich in images, news and impressions, specially published to re-create the Sardinian summer dream.

Every page, every article, every photo captures the unique spirit of Forte Village; a perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation, to be distracted and rediscover yourself; the ideal resort for those who love nature but won’t renounce comfort, the best holiday for those seeking multi-star cuisine and exceptional sporting facilities and for those who love to laze in the sun and the spa centre but won’t give up fashion and culture.

The Uniq winter edition sums up all the many facets of the Forte Village.

But let’s go into greater detail.

The Christmas festivities are certainly delightful, but we are all familiar with the stress involved in choosing presents, organising dinners and deciding which are the right clothes for each occasion, without counting the after-effects of the holidays. No problem, Uniq has seen to everything! Among the lively colours of its glossy pages it offers suggestions for unforgettable presents and perfect outfits. It has also gathered the recipes of the star chefs of Forte Village – Carlo Cracco, Bruno Barbieri, Rocco Iannone, Matteo Grandi, Paolo Simioni and Emanuele Scarello – to prepare a perfect dinner. And what if you’re feeling rather weighed down after all that eating? No problem: all it needs is a little thalassotherapy! But Uniq Winter Edition doesn’t stop here: it’s been to interview the showman Fiorello, the actress Julianne Moore, the drummer and racing driver Nick Mason to gather their secrets and their innermost declarations.

And to finish… a touch of nostalgia: a collection of images of the finest moments of the last Forte Village season, some magical views of Sardinia and the promise of a finer summer, if this is possible, for the next year.

So all that remains is to wish you good reading and much happiness for a 2015 as clear and bright as the sky over Sardinia.

Read the whole issue here