31 Aug 2016

Even if everything goes badly, if your girlfriend leaves you, if you lose your job, there’s always the championship beginning in September. (Nick Hornby)

Sport Resort

It may sound commonplace, but how many of us feel that sport is fundamental?

The women to stay in shape and always keep in tone, the men to let off steam after their hours at work.

And 99% of parents look on sport as essential.
Mum and Dad seek out the perfect gym, the most appropriate course, the game most suitable for their child. The week is marked out by hours of school, homework and then rushing off to their sports… and let’s say it: wouldn’t you like your child to be trained by one of Chelsea Football Club’s trainers? And what if you had Tore André Flo and Paulo Ferreira kicking the ball by your side?

Sport is a common asset! Sometimes I like to think of it as a primary need, like drinking and eating!

Among the many Elite activities offered by the Forte Village there are precisely the sporting ones, thanks to the Academies’ winning formula!
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Swimming and a lot more, all excellently managed.

Among the many activities, we can find the art of boxing and ping-pong (with a winning touch given by the Killerspin Team), both hosted in the Indoor Sport Academy Center, with more than 100 square metres dedicated to enthusiasts! Frank Buglioni is the great name we’ve all been waiting for, the number four professional in the world in the WBO Middleweight classification … no, we’re not joking!

What about tennis? How many people love keeping in shape on holiday with this magnificent sport? You can play on twelve hard courts with Ilie Năstase and Jonas Björkman by your side. Yes, that’s right!
Rugby Academy and Basketball (remember Ettore Messina?) for those who put their body into it and enjoy a clash. I mention just of few of the great professionals: Will Greenwood, Martin Johnson, second row of the Leicester Tigers, and Austin Healy.
A shiver of excitement also for lovers of motors and speed with Paolo Gagliardini, 125 class.

This is what we’re talking about when we mention the Forte Village Academy. They’re not just big names, professionals in every sector, with fields perfectly looked after and certainly lots of enjoyment.
The key to it all is the melody of your passions, the factor that depends on you is being able to maintain, fulfil and love.