14 Mar 2016

Everyone’s crazy about Sport Academies!

Sport Resort

There’s a virtuous circle in sport: the more you enjoy it, the more you train; the more you train, the better you get; the better you get, the more you enjoy it. Those are the words of Pancho Gonzales, one of the greatest tennis players in history.

It doesn’t matter whether you are professionals or humble amateurs, or even follow a sporting discipline with genuine enthusiasm: in any case Forte Village’s Sport Academies are the fulfilment of your wishes.

From soccer to cricket, from basketball to netball, to table tennis, from boxing and swimming to cycling and rugby, each sport finds its right place and its mentor in the splendid ultramodern facilities of the resort at Santa Margherita di Pula.

The Academy is an exciting experience; it’s a dynamic pathway, never the same, where you have the chance to encounter true champions and form friendships with people animated by the same passion as yours. It’s the ideal situation for bringing out hidden abilities, for calibrating your energies and, if possible, further developing your great love of sport.

Thanks to the consultancy of the chefs of the resort’s 21 restaurants, the most suitable diet for improving your performance is recommended. There is unrivalled support offered by the professional staff of Acquaforte Spa, a centre boasting a unique process of thalassotherapy in the world, for getting you into perfect physical shape.

Real stars from the sporting world are available to orient you towards a correct training methodology, to bring you up to date on the very latest techniques and to share anecdotes and experiences with you from their rich, award-winning careers.

That’s how it was for the guests who chose to take part this summer in the Bike Academy led by Mario Cipollini. Captained by the fastest cyclist of all time they had the chance to ride along the marvellous roads of Sardinia, with his voice giving encouragement and advice.

To experience this challenging adventure there was no need to worry about equipment; many preferred to hire a bike from the MCipollini line, with personalised measurements, and for any technical problem a mechanic from the fastest cycling team ever was there to help. The wonderful coastline of Southern Sardinia, with its spectacular views, was a perfect gym for raising the performance of cycling enthusiasts to the maximum.

Meanwhile, those who believe there is no more exciting game with higher values than rugby had the valuable opportunity this summer to join the Academy with Martin Leandro Castrogiovanni.

“Castro”, as he is known by all lovers of the oval ball, the young Argentinian of Sicilian origin who enchanted the spectators of the teams and tournaments in the first division in Italy, England and France, was a guest of Forte Village so that he could pass on his experience and share his secrets.

And, to be sure of reaching the “goal”, to back up this young legend, Forte Village accompanied him with two other star players: Ben Kay and Tom Maggio. The Forte Village Rugby Academy’s sporting calendar, thanks to its partnership with Super Skill Travel, a British company founded by two rugby stars of the calibre of Austin Healey and Will Greenwood, saw a succession of many legendary players, offering young guests from 5 to 16 years of age all the useful teachings for becoming great players.

If, like us, you still believe in the old saying – “Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a child, win like a champion” – then don’t delay, the Forte Village Resort is the place for you!