13 Mar 2017

Forte Village: the perfect place to make the whole family happy.

Family & children

Family holiday: a burden or a delight? On the one hand our hearts are overflowing with joy; at last

we’re going to spend some time with our beloved offspring. but on the other, let’s admit it, it’s

panic stations! How can we satisfy the demands of our children without getting stressed and

without having to give up our well-deserved rest? Never fear, a few stratagems will help you live a

family holiday, relaxing and enjoying yourselves.

Rule number one: choose the right place. So what do you say to a lovely, welcoming position near

the seashore, surrounded by the cool of the Mediterranean scrub, in a place you can comfortably

reach by air? We’re talking about Forte Village’s 5-star resort at Santa Margherita di Pula, situated

in one of the most beautiful locations in Sardinia and surely of the world.

Considering that for any parent happiness is directly proportional to the happiness of their

children, the second rule is to indulge the children’s inclinations, taking into account their tastes

and ages. In the Forte Village Resort, mums and dads can enjoy the holiday and entrust their

young ones, even the smallest, in complete tranquillity to the specialised staff of the finest nursery

in the world, equipped with Fisher-Price toys.

Meanwhile the older ones can experience a magical holiday with plenty of friends for company, in

a veritable Wonderland. The children will ride on the smiling Thomas the Tank Engine and travel

to discover Mario’s Village, a child-sized village named after Mario the parrot, Forte Village’s

mascot. And after playing among the miniature houses, the boys can feel the thrill of speed as

they drive the Hotwheels, while the girls play in the beautiful Barbie™ Activity Centre.

For teenagers, there’s the U-Club, a club where they can meet, have parties and – why not? –

learn the art of the DJ or the Make-up artist.

Third rule for a good family summer: find moments, places and opportunities to be together. So

what about the Sport Academies, where fathers and sons can share the same passion for sport, or

the Spa or the shops in Piazza Maria Luigia where mothers and daughters can enjoy moments of

pure complicity together?

So, the holidays can really be a great opportunity to rediscover family harmony; the important

thing is to choose the Paradise.