28 Oct 2014

How will we dress this winter?

Luxury lifestyle

Autumn is at the door. We can’t let ourselves be caught unprepared, without having at least one must-have item from the new collections. We can keep our flip-flops, but it’s time to start taking note of the fashion trends and give the green light to shopping!

“We’ve found a 1960s touch on the catwalks worldwide,” says Marina Vitiello, who as Store Manager at the Forte Village Resort boutique lives fashion in first person, all the year round.

The autumn/winter 2014/2015 woman has a masculine look; she dresses in jacket and trousers, but wears them with a feminine touch! Elegant but comfortable, she chooses soft, enveloping sweaters”.

And what will the man be like in the coming season?

“The man is refined – replies the Store Manager – if we like, he’s a bit of a dandy; he prefers items with a sartorial cut but doesn’t renounce practicality”.

Among the new trends to be noted: the fur gives way to items in shearling and to decorated leather items from Mongolia.

For evenings the watchword is transparency, with plays of lace and contrasts of light for a seductive “see you, see you not”.

For the big comebacks… here we are: the fleece! A must of the 1980s, it’s back, transformed and overturned. It changes in volume and consistency, it becomes wide and stiff with flared cuts and the use of new materials.

The palette is inspired by the colours of nature: pewter grey, moss green or sand, but pink triumphs over all.

As far as footwear is concerned, trainers take the place of court shoes and will be an unrenounceable must. But the categorical imperative for the true fashion victims is: eccentricity! Also for daytime, glitter shoes and winter sandals triumph.

But what can our wardrobe really not do without this year?

Marina has no doubts: “Just never be without something in denim”.