02 Feb 2016

New Year’s resolutions 2016 – Diet and well-being

Spa & Wellness

If the toasts and dinners of the festive season have tried you, like an intense period of work, and you’ve realised with horror that your belt has to be loosened at the waist, there’s no time to lose. It’s time to give your body, and the liver in particular, a break.


The best resolution is to follow a detox diet for at least 10 days which will enable us to clean up the digestive system, expelling the excess toxins. First of all, to follow a detox diet, we have to eliminate fatty foods, then reduce the consumption of cakes and biscuits and say ‘No’ to alcohol; ‘Yes’ to the introduction of lots of fibre, anti-oxidants with considerable quantities of liquids such as water, tea and herbal teas.


To get off on the right foot, start the day with a good breakfast with seasonal fruit accompanied by low-fat yogurt and cereals. For the drinks, green tea is excellent. If you really can’t give up coffee, don’t make a fuss about it, just never drink it with milk, a food absolutely to avoid in all detox diets.


As far as meals are concerned, we can happily eat a plate of pasta. It should only be slightly seasoned with a little oil or raw tomato. Some schools of thought recommend using wholemeal pasta or kamut pasta, which have more fibre, for a better detox effect. In this season, vegetable and legume soups are excellent as they help the liver to dispose of the toxins.

Thinking about meat, it’s better to avoid red meat as it’s difficult to digest and is high in saturated fats. Replace it with white meat and lots of fish, like salmon and mackerel, both rich in Omega 3.

What happens if we feel peckish between meals? The right answer is a fruit smoothie, a real lifesaver for our body.

Naturally, sauces and seasoning are banned during the detox week. It’s better to use spices, with many detoxifying properties, to make food tastier. On this point, the ideal to start the new year with dash would be give yourself a pit stop at Acquaforte Spa, a well-being oasis of the Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula (Sardinia). A thalassotherapy course can be associated with treatments that exploit the detoxifying action of sea water, a specially calibrated detox diet supplemented with the gourmet philosophy ‘Spice for Life’, splendidly represented by the starred chef Alfons Schuhbeck, who sees the most valid aid to detoxification, without giving up the pleasures of the table, in spices.