15 Mar 2016

New Year’s resolutions 2016: Health and sport

Sport Resort

Raising the glass? Cutting the panettone? Pulling the gift bow? All excellent activities, but not functional for the maintenance of perfect physical shape. So joining a gym and starting training again appear at the top of the list in the notebook of New Year’s resolutions. Whatever your objective is – taking part in the New York marathon or simply regaining physical fitness, it’s important not to overdo it but resume sports activity calmly and regularly.

A good rule is to dedicate at least 10 days to training that favours the aerobic mechanism to burn more fat. It’s useless starting straightaway with frequent, intense sessions that may even be counterproductive. If you’re ‘daily sportspeople’, a week is more than enough to regain the condition lost. A trained person’s body reacts quickly to the stimuli received. If you weren’t really in shape before the festive season, running is a good starting point, both in the open air and on a treadmill. It’s a real lifesaver for offloading negative energy and recharging the batteries. The ideal would be to plan three sessions a week, of about 20 minutes each, alternating slow running with the average speed.

If Father Christmas has left you the gift of extra centimetres at your waist, then you’ll have to do some abdominal exercises. Start with the classic front ones, they’re easier to do but also the most effective. Lie on the floor with legs bent and hands behind the nape of the neck. Lift the chest about 15 cms without moving the back muscles. They should be done every day, starting from 3 up to a maximum of 6 series of 15 repetitions each.

Swimming is excellent for bringing back tone to tissues. A total of 40 lengths, about 1 km, a couple of times a week are enough to give new energy to all our body.

And then, what about yoga? There are various forms of yoga, from light ones to more intense. You’ll have different results, according to what you choose.

For those who want to optimise time and effort, the right solution is to use the professional trainers in a quality structure. The Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula in Sardinia, deep in enchanting vegetation, offers all sporty people of any level the opportunity to do almost all sports.

The winning choice to take on the New Year.