15 Apr 2016

Notes on style for Spring 2016


Looking forward to Spring? Of course! Then what better way to approach the fine weather than to launch yourself into shopping? Let’s have a look at the must haves for spring and summer 2016.


First of all, we see lines: fine, very fine, maxi, white and blue or coloured… no matter how, as long as it’s striped and, why not, perhaps multi-layer for protection from heat and cold.

But if we don’t like lines, we can fall back on the floral theme, with an appealing turn to soft pastel shades. As a colour palette, we can draw inspiration directly from the rainbow.

But the real supertrend is the chain, which has made a triumphal entry on all the catwalks: whether in clothing or jewellery you just can’t leave the house without one.

And then it’s the turn of the “fringe dress” on bags and jackets, possibly also metallised in disco-night style. Then, for the boldest, peekaboo is back: lingerie becomes a dress, and dresses made of lace and net linger on increasingly provocative transparencies. And for those who don’t want to pass unobserved on summer nights, there are paillettes in profusion, not as a simple ornament but as an integral part of the dress.

However, the keyword for every look is jacket; worn over skirts and trousers in the classic 1960s tailleur format with a slightly retro flavour, or with a navy look with double breast, gold buttons and cords or even the biker in patchwork leather like a motorcyclist.

And then what to say about the style de chambre where jackets and light coats borrow colour and fabrics from dressing gowns, and high heels are replaced by chic slippers recalling bedroom ones. As far as accessories are concerned, everything becomes maxi: from geometrical, brightly-coloured earrings to mega handbags, very fashionable if printed with animal skin patterns. And hairstyle? Ladies, look out for the flamenco style.