28 Oct 2014

Selam – High tech and healthy

Spa & Wellness

FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES Forte Village has been attracting people to its professional facilities, expertise and leading wellbeing treatments at the Thalasso del Forte spa. This year Forte Village will be offering a new service. The resort is part of the Villa Stuart network, the internationally renowned clinic and FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence specialising in diagnostics, surgery, rehabilitation, training and recovery for top sportspeople.

The Villa Stuart clinic has worked with teams including Roma and Juventus, Paris Saint German, Manchester City and CSKA Mosca.Now, like the great sporting professionals, Forte Village guests have the chance to get a detailed diagnosis. They can then begin a personalised rehabilitation programme in the splendid Thalasso del Forte spa, famous for its revolutionary thalassotherapy technique.

Another new facility is the ‘water gym’, based on the original Selam project. Exclusive to the Thalasso del Forte spa, Selam reminds the body that it was designed to move – to run, jump, throw and climb – rather than to sit for long periods at a time. With a tower, wall bars, platform and body bar, all mounted in the high-density saline water, the Selam Antigravity Water Training System allows low-impact rehabilitation exercises, speeding up the journey to fitness.

And there’s one other important feature that Forte Village can offer anyone looking for a complete and long lasting rehabilitation – glorious sunshine, blue skies, fragrant Mediterranean gardens and our wonderful, top-quality Italian hospitality. It’s just what the physio ordered.