28 Oct 2014

Thalassotherapy, a sea of well-being!

Spa & Wellness

Who has never felt that sensation of well-being that you get as you lie on the water’s edge in the sun, massaged by the waves?

We feel our body benefiting from the combined action of sun, sea and sand. Today all this is scientifically proven: it is known as thalassotherapy, or healing from the sea!

To find out more about what it involves, we spoke to Dr. Angelo Cerina, founder of the Italian school of thalassotherapy and supervisor of the renowned Thalasso del Forte Village.

“The term thalassotherapy – he explains – comes from the Greek and means sea treatment, which brings together a number of factors: climate, sun, wind, iodine-laden air, sand, muds and seaweed. Before the Greeks and the Romans, thalassotherapy was already used by the Nuragic peoples of Sardinia. In building Thalasso del Forte we wanted to delve back into the ancient memories of this land, bringing all its benefits to the fore.”

Thalasso del Forte represents a point of excellence on the world scene because it offers a unique thalassotherapeutic method.

“In our SPA – says Cerina – we have increased the salt content of the water by evaporation, to activate the osmotic process during immersion. The Dead Sea has a salinity of 4%, but here it reaches 12%. This means not only better floating properties, which aid post-traumatic recovery, but also a powerful draining, and therefore purifying, or detox action. Our thalassotherapy is recommended for both skin disorders, such as psoriasis, and osteoarticular complaints, it ensures excellent slimming effects and there are no contraindications, even for phlebitis.”

The prize feature of Thalasso del Forte is the “sea oil” bath, which gets its name from its amber colour due to the presence of magnesium salts.

“Here the relaxing effect – explains our expert – is greater, floating is perfect and the magnesium acts to stimulate the production of endorphins, eliminating feelings of fatigue. This is an ideal treatment for post-traumatic rehabilitation, which is why it’s often practised by sports people, but it’s also effective in treating hot flushes and insomnia in menopause.”

The “sea oil” bath is sometimes referred to as “mother water”, perhaps not just because of its absolute purity but also because, as Dr. Cerina explains, “these waters seem to hide primordial mysteries and immersing yourself in them is like returning to the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb.”

“Even a single day at Thalasso del Forte can help to get back into shape, but my advice – concludes Angelo Cerina – is to spend at least a long weekend, perhaps several.”

Sporting activity, the spa and the right diet are the perfect combination for us to make friends with the mirror once more.

… try it for yourselves!