23 Sep 2016


Luxury lifestyle

We should all have a life… sea view!


Lidia, Chiara, Aurora, Sofia, Yasmine, Margherita and Ambra.

The first is elegant and sensual, the second is radiant and full of determination, Aurora has always been the bubbliest, most determined, but it’s Yasmine who conquers with her colours.
You can fall in love with Ambra, with her curves and profile that leave no room for interpretation. What about Sofia? She’s not one of those who speak for themselves, she’s an introverted type, but when she shows herself in her best qualities, the choice is predictable.

We’re not talking about women but Villas. The Villas of the Forte Village, luxury, brevity and precision (certainly), but more than anything unrestrained elegance and beauty.
Woe betide anyone who says there’s no such thing as perfection… they are the proof!

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away

(Sarah Kay)

A Villa is forever, rather like a diamond! A type of holiday that coddles you but still leaves you the right amount of independence.
The Villas are roomy enough to accommodate anyone from a couple to an entire family. Choosing a Villa for your well-deserved vacation doesn’t mean renouncing all those comforts that the Forte Village has to offer.
High-level bars and restaurants, Thalasso SPA, the areas for sport and the various academies… without forgetting all the benefits that can be provided by Forte Village’s commitment to enjoyment for children and young people.

Have you chosen your favourite one?
Let the women have the last word… that’s the first rule to be obeyed!

Pinktrotters exploring the Forte Village Resort