12 Jul 2016

Water sports for endless excitement.

Sport Resort

Sun, wind, sea and endless excitement, just like the infinite shades of blue of the waters of Sardinia. There are plenty of reasons to dedicate yourself to water sports in this magical island: white beaches, a warm but breezy climate, perfect currents and plenty of other reasons why some of the locations on the coast are famous worldwide, but nowhere can you find all the ideal conditions for practising these sports as you can at the Forte Village Resort.

For the guests at the Forte Village resort, the kingdom of Neptune is truly within reach. Just go into the Boat House on the beach to feel you’re the true sovereign of the seven seas.

Catamarans, canoes, pedalos, windsurf boards and dinghies are available to those who want to seek the pleasure of sailing on the crystal-clear waters and, as the song goes “watch the umbrellas from far, far away”.

The “grown-ups” can leave the “little ones” without fear to sail the crystal waters with a rock-free seabed to savour all the enjoyment of water sports in canoes and rubber dinghies of all kinds and sizes.

Or do you want to play with the wind? Tame the waves? Also in this case Forte Village is the place for you, whether you choose a surfboard, a windsurf board, a sailboat, or prefer the excitement of water-skiing or the speed of the waterscooters.

But the Forte Village is also paradise for those who enjoy diving. With every guarantee of safety, everyone can witness the wonderful parallel habitat that lives below the surface of the water and obtain the PADI diving licences. The depths will unlock their mysteries to show explorers the unique sea floor: corals, rocks, porifers, octopus, fish and, for the more adventurous, some wartime wreckage.

And for those who want to live their relationship with the sea in absolute exclusiveness, Forte Village provides a private yacht, which will enable up to 6 passengers to set sail and discover the finest beaches of the coast: Cape Spartivento or the sand-dunes of Is Arenas Blancas. The 5-star service is of course guaranteed by the presence of a selected, reserved crew.

We can only say: if you choose the Forte Village, you’ll be spoilt for choice.