23 Jan 2017

Wedding at the Forte Village Resort: let the fairy-tale begin!

Luxury lifestyle

All your life you’ve dreamt of that day, the moment when your heart would say, “Yes, I do”, and now that special time has arrived!

Needless to say, to crown the enchantment everything must be absolutely perfect and not only for you, who want to feel at the centre of the fairy- tale – if you’ll excuse the cliché – but also for your friends and relations who want to share the happiness of that day with you.

If you’re looking for a romantic but not predictable location, if you want the best down to the smallest detail, if luxury for you is synonymous with well-being before all else, then our advice is: for your wedding choose the Forte Village Resort.

Because you know that Forte Village, the World’s Leading Resort since 1992, is able to make any dream come true!

Do you want to appear like a fairy in a wonderful tropical garden? Or do you prefer to feel like a mermaid on a dazzling white beach in the bluest, clearest sea in the Mediterranean? Or walk down the aisle like a princess? Just close your eyes and your every wish will come true.

Nothing is impossible at Forte Village. Not only is the resort situated in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, not only does its name stand for excellence, but you will have a specialised team entirely at your disposal to offer the greatest assistance at all times and perfect operativeness, from the preparation of the ceremony to the honeymoon.

Also imagine the marvel of living and sharing the greatest emotion with those who are dearest to you, not just for a day but spending a long weekend immersed in luxury and beauty, staying in five-star hotels, or in splendid villas protected by a magnificent garden with a private pool.

To feel lightened and reach the Seventh Heaven, give yourself and others the sublime pleasure of immersing yourselves in the only well-being and thalassotherapy path of its kind in the world.

And if you rightly expect your wedding banquet to be the top, then of course the brightest stars in the gourmet constellation are part of the family at Forte Village! So you will simply be spoilt for choice, to lose yourself in an unforgettable journey through flavour while the bouquet of the best wines and the thousand bubbles of the most renowned champagne will have you walking in the clouds.

And so, wrapped in the sparkling light of the sea, inebriated by the scent of the flowers, you will be living your most beautiful day in Paradise!