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Family Vacation

A family vacation to Italy guarantees a fabulous time with its culture rich in history, traditions and so much more. 

When it comes to family tours in Italy, there are endless options. Rome is considered a must for its archaeological monuments that take visitors back in time. For film lovers, Turin is the place to visit, Venice captivates with its unique waterways, Milan delights with its fashion-forward style and many other Italian cities attract tourists every day. 

The country has many interesting locations and is a great place for touring with kids. For those seeking family vacation ideas by the sea in Italy, Sardinia is an excellent choice. Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Sardinia’s beaches are simply stunning. 

Sardinia is a favorite destination with a mix of quietness and adventure that you will love, from its fabulous seafood to its tropical vibes. 

At Forte Village, your vacation with your kids becomes a memorable event with an array of things to discover. The resort has a variety of options for families; from villas, bungalows, suites, sports to practice, spas and top restaurants, staying at Forte Village is an amazing experience.


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