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Last year Forte Village was the first resort in the world to implement a Covid Protection Protocol with unique instant testing on arrival which allowed guests to put aside all the stress and strains and enjoy their holiday in complete freedom. A detailed protocol, validated by a medical-scientific committee from Italy’s leading Universities which made it possible to record zero cases throughout the whole summer season and was met with praise from clients and agents alike, creating a worldwide best practice.

Using the most advanced medical protocols applicable for Covid 19 the aim is to create a sterile and free environment minimizing the threat of contagion (both for guests and staff) and allow guests to enjoy their holiday without excessive limitations which would disturb its spirit and enjoyment.


  • Upon arrival, all guests will undergo the antigen test, and possibly a molecular test based on RT – PCR
  • Upon presentation of a report relating to a molecular test, carried out in the 48 hours prior to arrival at the Resort the guests will not be subjected to the above tests

  • All checks will be carried out, in full compliance with all the measures provided by the security protocol, in a dedicated area of the resort surrounded by lush vegetation equipped with all comforts.
  • The medical facility includes a team of specialists who will use cutting-edge equipment is able to guarantee very high sensitivity/sensibility of the tests delivering results in a very short time. For the technical-sanitary specifications relating to the tests, see the following link
  • From the arrival to the resort, the facility will provide a sanitized vehicle with personnel previously checked by the medical team.
  • All baggage will be sanitized before entering the resort.
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  • With its 50 hectares of flourishing park, Forte Village can be considered a destination in its own right with only one accessible entrance from outside. All services and infrastructure are accessible only to resort guests. A protected oasis which can only be accessed after strict medical supervision.


  • A Medical Center is available on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an extra charge depending on the medical examination. The establishment of a Covid protection medical facility will guarantee both guests and staff to be tested in order to verify their state of health, performing and monitoring activities in compliance with rigorous procedures for medical health.


  • The presence of a management team of doctors and health experts from the “Covid Management Team – CMT” sector, able to manage processes in full compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and safety


  • A protocol for sanitizing all common areas and surfaces twice a day with state-of-the-art certified equipment will be implemented
  • Sanitization of the common areas will also include walkways, play areas for children, sports facilities, swimming pools, bicycles before and after delivery, as well as golf buggies
  • The sanitizing protocol will also be applied to the guests’ rooms
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the property
  • All baggage will be sanitized before entering the resort.
  • Appropriate distancing will be guaranteed on the beach and the swimming pools as well as the sanitization of sunbeds, walkways and other materials, using eco-friendly products with low environmental impact
  • In the swimming pool, as usual, a daily check of the water parameters and the chlorine level will be carried out to ensure continuous disinfection


  • A training program on all the prevention and protection measures for all the members of staff will be implemented to guarantee their own and all guests’ safety
  • All our employees will undergo a regular cycle of tests
  • Strict procedures for suppliers and technical assistance firms accessing the Resort are already in place


  • Different types of accommodation, each with its own personality, meet the most demanding expectations of privacy: from the bungalows with their large private gardens, which make each unit a sort of small holiday home, to the exclusive villas each with its own private, heated swimming pool and butler service available 24/7


  • Almost all open-air, wrapped in gardens or by the sea, will be rearranged, maintaining the atmosphere that makes them unique


  • A wide choice of Sports Academies, including individual ones with personal trainers, and facilities that allow you to practice most of the sports outdoors
  • A 4000 m2 open-air thalasso SPA surrounded by a tropical garden
  • Kids & teens club, supervised by highly qualified staff, where children can be split into smaller groups in different, open-air locations, due to the number of facilities and activities available, so that all the activities proposed can be joined in total safety


  • By booking and however staying in the resort, each guest undertakes to fully comply with all regulatory provisions time by time applicable and to the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion and accepts the treatment of his/her personal data, including health-related data, which will occur in compliance with the applicable law
  • The Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and its implementation aim at adopting the best precautions on the basis of the currently available scientific knowledge, according to the applicable regulations and the practices of the sector, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion
  • Refusal by a guest to proceed, at the moment of check-in, to medical exams and checks indicated in the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and/or to respect at any time all the procedures thereby indicated will stop the guest’s stay in the resort, with no right whatsoever to refund, including any advance payment already made, and with the obligation to pay any sum however related to the stay so far occurred
  • It is hereby intended and each guest, by booking and however staying in the resort, acknowledges and accepts that any neutralization of such risks cannot be promised or guaranteed and Forte Village and its manager Progetto Esmeralda s.r.l. shall not be held responsible for any reason whatsoever in connection with such risks is hereby intended that any change may be made to the Covid Protection Protocol, if necessary and/or appropriate in connection with technical needs and/or the development of the phenomena, provided that we remain committed to the goals of the highest attention paid to Forte Village guests’ and employees’ health and serenity
  • Health care personnel in charge of implementing the procedures described above may adapt the same as deemed appropriate or implement a specific procedure for a certain customer by way of derogation to the protocol on the basis of the customer’s anamnesis.”


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