Forte Village


Upon arrival, guests will undergo the antigen test, and possibly a molecular test based on RT – PCR

Upon  presentation of a report relating to a molecular test, carried out in the 48 hours prior to arrival at the Resort the guests will not be subjected to the tests.

If the guests are not in possession of the above, the protocol designed by industry experts provides for the execution of an antigen test to detect the presence of the virus antigen. Based on the result of the aforementioned test, the following scenarios can take place:

  • Scenario 1
Negative antigenic test, the guests are escorted to the room to start their stay. Tampon is nasopharyngeal with sensitivity 96% specificity 99%. Response times 15 min
  • Scenario 2

If the antigenic test is positive, the confirmation test will be carried out using the ‚Gold Standard’ test, i.e. the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based molecular test.

A – Negative molecular (RT-PCR) test, the guests will be accompanied to their accommodation to start their holiday

B – Positive molecular (RT-PCR) test, in any case a special protocol is applied:

In accordance and cooperation with the ATS (local sanitary authority), the Action plan Covid 19 will be implemented:

Depending on the clinical situation of a guest testing positive, it will be decided whether to accommodate the guest in a dedicated area of the resort equipped with all the comforts and within the utmost compliance of the appropriate safety protocols, or to transfer the guest to accommodation designated by the regional authorities.


  • By booking and however staying in the resort, each guest undertakes to fully comply with all regulatory provisions time by time applicable and to the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion and accepts the treatment of his/her personal data, including health related data, which will occur in compliance with the applicable law
  • The Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and its implementation aim at adopting the best precautions on the basis of the currently available scientific knowledge, according to the applicable regulations and the practises of the sector, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion
  • Refusal by a guest to proceed, at the moment of check-in or at the dedicated Forte Village airport Lab, to medical exams and checks indicated in the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and/or to respect at any time all the procedures thereby indicated will stop the guest’s stay in the resort, with no right whatsoever to refund, including any advance payment already made, and with the obligation to pay any sum however related to the stay so far occurred
  • It is hereby intended and each guest, by booking and however staying in the resort, acknowledges and accepts that any neutralization of such risks cannot be promised or guaranteed and Forte Village and its manager Progetto Esmeralda s.r.l. shall not be held responsible for any reason whatsoever in connection with such risks
  • It is hereby intended that any change may be made to the Covid Protection Protocol, if necessary and/or appropriate in connection with technical needs and/or the evolution of the epidemiological situation, provided that we remain committed to the goals of the highest attention paid to Forte Village guests’ and employees’ health and serenity
  • Health care personnel in charge of implementing the procedures described above may adapt the same as deemed appropriate or implement a specific procedure for a certain customer by way of derogation to the protocol on the basis of the customer’s anamnesis.”