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SANTA MARGHERITA DI PULA, Sardinia, April 2015 | Liberate your passion, share a moment together with your cycling champion! This is the spirit that animates the nascent Forte Village Bike Academy which features one of the all time greats, Mario Cipollini, in partnership with Diamant, a company specialized in carbon which produces the prestigious bike frames of the Mcipollini brand

There are two Forte Village Bike Academy clinics with Mario Cipollini; one week each: June 13th to 19th and from 20th to 26th June 2015.

For the duration of the Bike Academy, Mario Cipollini will dedicate himself to all of the participating cycling fans, from the Sunday amateur rider to the more evolved. Mario Cipollini will guide you in training methodology, power and technique. Behind every great performance there is always a detailed preparation for every athlete to achieve their full potential. With the guidance of the Forte Village Chef, youwill alternate your dining among the 21 restaurants of the resort; experience the thalasso therapy circuit of pools at AcquaForte Spa and the new sports medicine center where professional staff are available to you for personal consultations.

The bike? You choose as you prefer: you can bring your own bike, especially if it is your companion on your adventures, or you can rent one from the line MCipollini available for the duration of the Academy which can be customised to you.. Bike athletes at the resort have the support of the team mechanic of the fastest sprinters of all time and a dedicated Info Point.

And then comes the moment, the special time when you go out from the Forte Village to discover the breathtaking scenery of Southern Sardinia. One again, the Lion King will lead the group of participants, to motivate you to reach new frontiers in their passion for the sport. With all this cycling action we shuld not forget thee very enjoyable social moments such as returning to the resort in the evening for an aperitif with the great champion.

You can experience the example set by the champion, the prepartion and the resistance, this is the real objective of joining the Forte Village Bike Academy with Mario Cipollini.


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