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10 May 2017

New Year Resolutions – Five Top Tips for Regenerating your Skin in Winter!

-Sunscreen even in winter: Taking care of your skin means using sun cream 365 days a year – every morning and afternoon, if you can. Usually people associate sun screen with the summer season and this is where many people go wrong, becau...

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29 Mar 2017

Women and children: travelling with your little ones

Do the words ‘travelling’ and ‘small children’ sound like an unbelievable combination?Well, maybe it’s time to start believing again. My family’s quite ‘big’ by today’s standards: there’s three siblings, two of whom are twins. But we’ve always travelled...


13 Mar 2017

Forte Village: the perfect place to make the whole family happy.

Family holiday: a burden or a delight? On the one hand our hearts are overflowing with joy; at lastwe’re going to spend some time with our beloved offspring. but on the other, let’s admit it, it’spanic stations! How can we satisfy the demands of our children without...


13 Feb 2017

No flowers, just a couple’s emotions for St. Valentine 2017

Are you thinking that 50 shades of grey are better than a thousand pink love-hearts?Then say “that’s enough!” to the umpteenth box of chocolates, say no to the usual bunch of flowers and for St. Valentine give yourselves a holiday at Santa Margherita di Pula’s Forte...


26 Jan 2017

The 5 foods that should never be missing from a woman’s life

Diets can be counted in their thousands and everyone claims to be able to give out recommendations as to the best components for a quick, effective diet. They talk of losing 5 kilos in 5 days, but those who are a bit sensitive to the question recognise that such a prospect is...


23 Jan 2017

Wedding at the Forte Village Resort: let the fairy-tale begin!

All your life you’ve dreamt of that day, the moment when your heart would say, “Yes, I do”, and now that special time has arrived!Needless to say, to crown the enchantment everything must be absolutely perfect and not only for you, who want to feel at the centre of the...


04 Jan 2017

The zen chef of Hell’s Kitchen. Interview with Matteo Grandi

Fire, flames and Carlo Cracco shouting. It certainly wasn’t an easy passage but...