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Aesthetic Medicine Center

A relaxed, luminous, ageless face. To energize the skin and forget the signs of aging, we offer the latest technology and cosmetic treatments. From radiofrequency, peeling and fillers, to body remodeling thanks to Sculpsure and carboxytherapy. The exceptional Dr. Regina Fortunato, a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, with over 30 years of experience will oversee the Medical Center.

Some of her innovative treatments include:


a non-invasive system for the remodeling of the body designed to reduce excess fat in areas such as abdomen, hips, legs and arms.


Defines, models and slims the silhouette by reducing cellulite and reducing the circumference without recovery times.


Ultherapy first and only non-surgical facelift with Focal-approved microfocalized ultrasound that regenerates the skin in depth making it more toned, compact and smooth, without the need of scalpels or needles.

Palmor Radiofrequency

A treatment using electromagnetic waves, suitable for reducing the signs of time, toning the skin and helping break down localised adipose fat and cellulite.


Carboxytherapy is an extraordinary therapy method that uses the “releasing” action of carbon dioxide and is ideal for anti-cellulite beauty treatments. By combining it with the Acquaforte Thalasso&Spa natural therapies, it also works even harder on localised fat, with remarkable detoxing and draining effects.

Aesthetic Medicine Center


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