05 May 2016

A magical summer at the Forte Village Resort



Lessons in wonderment with Marvin Berglas


Aspiring magicians, this is your chance!


Marvin Berglas, the most famous conjuror in the United Kingdom, already receiver of the “Magic Circle Maskelyne Award”, will be a guest at the Forte Village Resort this summer, for a unique Academy dedicated entirely to magic.

Marvin has followed in his father’s footsteps; he is the son of the famous David Berglas, magician, mentalist and also an actor with film-makers of the calibre of Stanley Kubrick, George Lucas, Tim Burton. After walking the stages of the entire world leaving even the most demanding audiences open-mouthed, Marvin will be an exceptional guest at the Forte Village at Santa Margherita di Pula to give everyone the opportunity to come closer to magic.


Conjuring tricks are pure illusion, the fruit of an ancient, complex art able to give those watching some unique, never-to-be-repeated moments and to those practising them an aura of intriguing mystery.

Only true magicians are able to unveil their tricks with simplicity and Berglas, creator of Marvin’s Magic, the best known brand in the world of illusion and of the new fantastic application IMagic, is certainly the best.


Normally, learning the tricks and managing to manipulate objects properly takes a long time and a lot of practice, but Marvin’s Magic Academy at Forte Village, thanks to his unique method, has been designed precisely to learn to astound with the most amazing tricks in a short time.

The course will be held daily over a week, with 5 one-hour sessions. Thanks also to Marvin’s precious magic kit, adults and children will become veritable conjurers: manipulation of cards, tricks with coins, nothing will be more complicated and success will be guaranteed.


For all aspiring Houdinis, there’s no trick and no deception; this summer the true Hogwarts will be at Forte Village!