20 Jul 2015

Acquaforte, far more than a simple Spa

Spa & Wellness

Close your eyes, listen to your body, what does it tell you? Need to relax, get back into shape? Not only? Don’t wait for the summer holidays before taking a little time for yourself. From today the Forte Village can offer the answer you’re looking for whenever you want.

This year Acquaforte Spa, in the splendid five-star resort of Santa Margherita di Pula, opens to the public completely renewed, not only placing itself among the most sought-after spa destinations in the world but also asserting itself as a top-class medical spa.

To find out what is offered by this amazing leading-edge facility, which includes one of the most important thalassotherapy centres in Europe run by prof. Angelo Cerina and his team, we met its new director, Dino Mitideri.

What do you think makes Acquaforte Spa unique?

“Acquaforte Spa, aided by the beauty of Sardinia, with its mild temperatures all the year round and its easy accessibility from all over Europe, is the ideal destination not only for those who want well-being through detox and weight-loss courses and beauty treatment but also for those seeking specific, focused curative programmes.”

What do you see as the most significant novelties in the services you offer?

“First of all I’d like to mention the activity of prof. Francesco Parra. It’s thanks to him that Acquaforte has further widened its offer towards the sporting world.

Prof Parra, an international leading light, whose patients include personalities of the calibre of Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic for tennis, Aldo Montano for fencing and Alberto Tomba for skiing, has developed a new laser technology for treating specific pathologies associated with ligaments, joints and principally backache. This particular therapy, associated with the thalassotherapy course of treatment, is a true panacea for those suffering from this kind of pain.

So Acquaforte can boast a highly specialised staff?

Certainly. In addition to prof Cerina, the scientific manager of the Thalassotherapy centre whom I’ve already mentioned, and the activity of prof Parra, Acquaforte has some excellent professionals in its staff.

Every single department of Acquaforte is represented by colleagues of unquestionable professionalism and experience, such as Dolores Tavolacci, a massotherapist who has been working continuously in our Spa since 1991.

There is also a specialised team of personal trainers available to assist clients with a fully equipped Technogym and Queenax fitness centre.

Does Acquaforte have any novelties in store for the beauty sector too?

This year, to supplement the courses dedicated to beauty treatment, we have also included an aesthetic medicine unit, supervised by Dr. Amila Bodareva.

Fundamental for a path of recovery and getting back into shape is an appropriate diet. What does Acquaforte propose?

This year our Spa will be enjoying the cooperation of the starred chef Alfons Schuhbeck, known world-wide for his curative use of spices. Within the weight loss, detox, beauty and sporting programmes, Alfons Schuhbeck will be available to formulate personalised routes of nutrition and diet, perfect for every need.

Who is your offer aimed at?

To everyone, I’d say. We’ve developed a number of formulas with purpose-designed paths of treatment so that we can meet every need also just for a weekend.

Every guest in our Fortelab sporting medical centre will have the chance to check their actual physical state through a series of focused exams. Only following this complete checkup will we go on to determine what can be the most correct approach to follow, in order to regain perfect physical fitness.

So basically nothing’s missing…

That’s right! To complete the offer of Acquaforte Spa we have included a multi-brand store of niche and luxury products, a shop dedicated to high cosmetics and the Style Boutique for a fashionable but sporting hair-style.

And so… goodbye to winter ailments, let yourself be seduced by Acquaforte Spa for a quick recovery of your summer smile!