11 Oct 2016

All the seductions of Milano Fashion Week


Autumn is here, bringing with it a warm spring breeze, thanks to the new proposals of the Milan Fashion Week, an unmissable event for fashion-lovers worldwide.

The best designers have challenged each other in a battle of colours, fabrics and accessories to satisfy even the most demanding tastes in glamour. The Milan proposals go full circle: from Gucci’s visionary design to Versace’s urban chic, passing through Cavalli’s new hippie style all the way to Armani’s exoticisms and Dolce&Gabbana’s “caliente” style.

On one side we’ve seen a sensational, rustling femininity made up of frills and ruffles, bustiers and lace, pastel-shade embroidery, emphasised by the return of maxi-skirts in boho-chic style. On the other side we’ve seen the transformation of sportswear into true glamour: parkas for evening wear, silk bomber jackets, platform shoes with trekking laces, all made in technological fabrics embellished with embroidery, for a woman facing the everyday urban adventure in whimsical comfort.

Talking of precious, iridescent textiles, lurex is back! This metallic fibre, invented in the 1940s, exploded like Saturday night fever at the end of the I970s and is back today to brighten not only evening clothes but also accessories.

A must-have for all the ladies: the calf-length skirt, the most popular skirt for summer 2017, the chemise in close-fitting knit or languid silk, and the folk or minimalist kaftan.

And what’s proposed for men? First of all denim and tropical prints proposed transversely by a number of designers but also checkered and retro items. For everyone it’s obligatory to have a bomber jacket in the wardrobe or, to play safe, a trench-coat.

So the man or woman that we’ve seen on the Milan catwalk is not standardised, but varied and chameleon-like, like the world around us.