27 Mar 2015

Hello Spring!


In this astrologically unique 2015, with a solar eclipse falling on such an important date as the Spring Equinox together with a new moon, the fine season announces its arrival with special intensity.

The long weekend of Easter, a symbol of the rebirth of the earth and the soul, becomes an unmissable occasion for taking a break from daily routine and gathering all this new, beneficial energy.

There are always different ideas as to how to spend this long-awaited holiday: some plan lunches and dinners with all the family, others plan a long weekend of entertainment with friends, others still imagine themselves immersed in nature searching for renewed well-being.

Needless to say, Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula is able to satisfy all these wishes.

And just as Sardinia in spring wears its best clothes in a triumph of colours and perfumes, also the splendid five-star resort re-opens its doors with an entirely new and even more captivating costume: roads and footpaths redesigned, restyling of the beach area, more spacious and welcoming rooms, a renovated children’s village, other playing fields, new shops and so many chances to taste haute cuisine.

The “Forte Village Easter” package, designed to offer the maximum comfort and well-being on this holiday, is a perfect opportunity to start getting acclimatised to the summer.

Those thinking of getting back into shape can use thalassotherapy with an integrated path, through six thermal seawater baths with various salt concentrations and different temperatures, sauna, Turkish bath and gym.

Those who prefer to “sanctify” Easter with its traditional foods can enjoy the Grand Gala organised for Easter Sunday, the renowned Easter Monday lunch with specialities of Sardinian, Italian and international cuisine and the delicious chocolate eggs prepared for the occasion in the Forte Village patisseries.

Certainly, because Easter can’t go by without the well-wishing exchange of eggs. It is a ritual dating from ancient times as a symbol of life. The gift of the simple egg has changed over the centuries: Edward I of England gave golden eggs, while the tradition of hiding a gift inside them can be traced back to Tsar Alexander III and Peter Carl Fabergé.

To remain faithful to tradition, let’s not forget the old Italian saying, “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” (Christmas with the family, Easter with whoever you like), so for those who prefer to celebrate with their friends all that remains is to take up all the opportunities for sport and evening entertainment proposed by the Forte Village Resort.

So no more delaying, let yourselves go… the fine season is here!