04 Jul 2016

More flavour, more wellness

Chef Gourmet

At last the saying “what tastes good is bad for you” has been laid to rest. All the credit goes to Alfons Schuhbeck, an all-German Michelin-starred chef. After years of travel and study he has developed a new gourmet theory, “Spice for life”, which guarantees enormous physical benefits while enjoying a very flavoursome diet.

This is a revolutionary philosophy based on a discerning use of spices, which are fundamental ingredients in cuisine, providing specific advantages in the field of prevention and cure. For example, ginger contributes to strengthening the immune system, capsaicin for helping digestion, garlic for improving the circulation and chili peppers to give an extra boost to the metabolism…

“Spices,” our chef explains, “are actually much more than tasty ingredients. They are a veritable source of youthfulness. Already thousands of years ago they were known for their beneficial effects.” Drawing inspiration from the ancient thought of the Greek Hippocrates, considered to be the father of medicine, Alfons Schuhbeck has embraced the motto, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

So for all those who don’t want to give up either taste or well-being, this summer’s appointment is at the Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula, where the thousand spices chosen and selected by Alfons Schuhbeck will enable you to recover your lost shape while you enjoy the pleasures of the table, mouthful after mouthful.