25 Jul 2016


Chef Gourmet

There’s no denying it, no one’s listening because nowadays everyone wants to have their say about cuisine.

Who says that good food guides are enough to give us an idea about a restaurant, a location or a chef? Is it really the four stars that convince us who is the best cook? Or the most glamorous restaurant?

“If I don’t see I don’t believe… if I don’t taste I won’t commit myself!”

That’s how it is! We all feel a bit like judges and we like having our say, especially if we’re talking about food.

We’re cold and quite impartial; what makes the difference is… our palate. Recognising the secret ingredient is now child’s play… or almost!

“It’s difficult to persuade yourself to give a pass mark, the balance of the flavours and the presentation make the difference. We really don’t like mappazzoni (nondescript dishes)!”

And we let ourselves be influenced…

The Forte Village offers all its guests a series of splendid gourmet evenings of taste and culinary curiosity, where the skill of Chefs with a capital “C” combines with the incredible location: The Forte Bay Terrace.

Products of excellence coupled with high-class wines, in perfect Forte Village style.

Among the cooks present at the evening, we see the names of Carlo Cracco, Emanuele Scarello, Gordon Ramsay and of course, without even having to mention him, the exuberant Rocco Iannone.

A sophisticated summer amid gourmet recipes and traditional products. The Forte Village is inspired by the oldest and most sophisticated Italian tradition: food.

All the regions are present… ask and it shall be given! Italian tastes or flavours from the world? If the beauty of the place is not enough to make you relax on the splendid white beach of Forte Village, then you can escape. Set off and fly to a distant land among palm trees, mangoes and spicy aromas.

How? All you need is a fork.

Let yourself be coddled by a special evening, or rather night… the night of the great chefs.


Pinktrotters exploring the Forte Village Resort