28 Oct 2014

The only way to fly

Luxury lifestyle

It’s a Saturday in mid-July and the Kempson family of London are getting ready to go on holiday. Clothes are neatly folded, ready to be packed, last minute preparations are being made and the excitement about the upcoming trip is palpable.

But unlike most families, the Kempsons won’t be joining queues at the airport. Instead they’ve chosen to take Forte Village’s exclusive Private Jet Service.

A car collects them and then, once at Heathrow, they’re wafted through check-in and shown to the lounge. Here they relax over a drink while the children start planning what they’ll do once at Forte Village. Before long it’s time to board and, again, there is no need to put up with the usual stresses of air travel – in just a few moments the family is boarding its own private jet, away from the crowds and noise of the airport.

The Boeing 737-300 was refurbished in 2009 and is exclusive to Forte Village. Instead of fighting for a particular seat, the Kempson children, Thomas, aged 10, and Isabel, 12, find themselves spoilt for choice – window, aisle, front or back – it’s entirely up to them. Why does it feel so spacious? Well, although the aircraft was built to accommodate 148 seats, it actually has around just a third of that. Unlike even Business Class on most airlines, each seat enjoys its own private world of tranquillity.

With five cabin crew on board, excellent service is assured. While the children sip on fruit juices, their parents choose from fine Italian wines. After the children settle down with their iPads, their mother, Anna, reclines and gazes out of the window.

Comfortable and with drink in hand, she flicks through glossy magazines from the range available on board. Meanwhile, husband Richard is tapping away on his laptop, finishing off a report in peace and quiet. Work done, Richard also reclines in his spacious seat and begins to read the first of a number of thrillers that he’s been saving for his well-earned two week break.

After aperitifs, the family opt for an early lunch and choose from Italian starters and main courses. Having promised herself two weeks of healthy eating, Anna finds it easy to choose wholesome and delicious dishes. Even the children go for something good for them.

The plane soon begins its descent into Sardinia’s Cagliari airport, gliding over the glittering blue Mediterranean below. The arrival at Cagliari is just as fast as the departure from London.The family are whisked through Arrivals, their luggage following closely behind.

Moments later, the Kempsons are in their limousine speeding along through the stunning Sardinian countryside. They’re already feeling relaxed, energised and ready for two weeks of swimming, sunbathing, great food, challenging sports and indulgent spa treatments.