04 Jul 2016


Spa & Wellness

A year’s work on your shoulders, a year of stress and tensions

Twelve months waiting for that morning when it doesn’t matter if the alarm goes off at an unearthly hour, the only important thing is to leave.

In the airport, with our glasses on our noses, anxious for that gate to open and take us towards our earthly paradise: Sardinia. Hardly time to realise we’re off the ground and we’re already there, loaded with our luggage and dying to relax.

I’d been promising myself for years to spend my vacations at the Forte Village Resort, in the South of Sardinia, and this year at last my dreams had come true. Before me was an oasis of peace: 47 hectares of park overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I asked myself about the best way to begin this fantastic holiday, so I chose to immerse myself right away in the relaxing and recuperating atmosphere of Forte, indulging myself immediately in an afternoon at Acquaforte SPA: I don’t think there can be a better way to leave behind all the fatigue and at the same time prepare my body and skin for two weeks of sun and sea.

I was pleased to find that from this year as a partner the Acquaforte SPA of the Forte Village had chosen Sisley-Paris, the prestigious leading company internationally in cosmetics based on phytoextracts and essential oils. In a few words, a simply perfect duo: beauty, well-being, nature, technology but above all efficacy, quality and exclusiveness coming together in an unbeatable partnership.

The Acquaforte staff filled me with all that attention that I need, in their typical delicate, discreet manner.

The massotherapy treatments freed my energies and helped me to eliminate the stress, while the Sisley products look after my skin, preparing it to shine in the warm Sardinian sun.

I came out of Acquaforte SPA with a relaxed smile printed on my face – one that I hadn’t seen for a long time – thanks to the total inner peace that accompanied me throughout my stay at the Forte Village Resort.

Pinktrotters discovering Forte Village Resort