29 Oct 2014

We are triathlon!

Sport Resort

From 24 to 26 October over 800 athletes of 33 different nationalities will be challenging each other in swimming, cycling and running, along a route crossing the most beautiful part of Sardinia’s south coast, centred on the Forte Village Resort, Santa Margherita di Pula.

“We expect to offer all the participants, whether beginners or professionals, an unforgettable experience”, says Andrea Mentasti, Event Director of the Forte Village Challenge – and a top-quality entertainment to the public. Our aim is to put on an international competition that doesn’t forget the flavour of a family party because, as the slogan ‘we are triathlon’ says, the triathlon is not only a competition but a veritable lifestyle”.

On the professional side, the best athletes of the moment are on the starting line. It will be a hard struggle for Alessandro Degasperi to defend the title against France’s Sylvain Sudire, 2010 world champion, the reigning Italian champion Massimo Cigana, and Ritchie Nicholls, in third place at the 2014 Rimini Challenge. Meanwhile the national Olympic athlete Alessandro Fabian, in tenth place at London 2012, has already arrived at the Forte Village to get to know the route in the company of all those interested.

As far as top women are concerned, it will be up to Sara Tavecchio, in spite of a recent injury, to ward off the attacks of formidable rivals like Italian champion Martina Dogana, 2014 Rimini Challenge winner Eimar Mullan and the very strong Camille Donat.

The Forte Village Triathlon Challenge will not only see professional athletes competing, but will also be hosting simple amateurs and beginners, coming from all over the world to Santa Margherita di Pula, drawn not only by the sporting passion but also by the beauty of the location and the comfort of the resort. And there will be the Italian and Sardinian “iron-men”, who will be contending the title of men and women’s regional Champion over the middle distance, while on the Saturday the spotlights will be on the youngest, who will be competing in duathlon races over various distances.

So this is a competition where the show is everyone’s and for everyone, but what are the reasons that make Triathlon challenge Forte Village such an unmissable event?

“To give three quotes from other people”, says Andrea Mentasti to finish, “the most beautiful sea in the world, the most prized resort in the world, the most spectacular route in the world… and if I may add some of my own, the richest pasta party in the world, the best celebration dinner in the world and the most modest organiser in the world… need I say more?”