28 Oct 2014


Luxury lifestyle

Dear Guests

The first piece of news I have, in our third edition of UniQ magazine, is really special. I am proud to announce that Forte Village is undergoing a major upgrade thanks to a significant investment and restructuring plan for the next two years. The resort will have a new body but the same soul. It will have the same core values – elegance, luxury and the extensive choice of facilities and services – but all of this will be to an even higher standard. You may wonder why we have decided to improve that which has already been so successful. Every year since 1998 Forte Village has been named as the ‘World’s Leading Resort’. This year it has picked up several other great prizes, including the ‘Best Hotels for Leisure Facilities’ by Condé Nast Traveller; the ‘World’s Leading Green Resort’ and the ‘World’s Leading Sports Academy’. The resort also received the Prix Villegiature, the most coveted award within the French hotel industry. Even so, to be world number one, to be truly excellent, to meet the ever higher standards of industry judges and to be in a position to face increased competition in luxury travel today, you can’t stand still.

We have revolutionised the famous fourth floor of the Hotel Castello and our Imperial and Presidential suites offer guests a stunning new place to stay. We have created a splendid new villa, the Villa Chiara, which complements the masterpieces that are the Forte Villa and the Villa Lydia. We have won a prestigious Michelin star in recognition of the fine cuisine of Antonello Arrus, our Belvedere restaurant chef. We have launched two new Sports Academies – the Boxing and Netball Academies – so our guests can train with the champions of the sport and have the chance to become champions themselves. This year we also introduce new professionals to the resort including Matt Roberts, personal trainer to the stars of the world of fashion, business and politics; and Professor Giorgio Calabrese, the renowned dietician, expert in the science of nutrition and creator of the Mediterranean Diet. His talents will be a welcome addition to the Thalasso del Forte spa that is not only beautiful but is also a place to discover renewed energy and invigorate your entire immune system.

In a phrase, we want to offer the best, always.

With thanks and very best wishes

Lorenzo Giannuzzi
Managing Director, Eleganzia Group