28 Oct 2014

When a blogger goes on holiday


“What I’ve learnt at the Forte Village Resort is that here anything’s possible”, says Irene Colzi, fashion blogger, originating from Florence but a citizen of the world with over 200,000 users, 300,000 likes on Facebook, almost 12,000 followers on Twitter and about 40,000 on Instagram. This year, with her partner Giovanni, she has chosen the resort of Santa Margherita di Pula to spend a holiday “getting back into shape”.

“When my readers ask me how I spent the holidays at the Forte Village Resort a lot of images come to mind. The multi-awarded 5-star resort, with its 21 restaurants, 10 swimming pools, more than 15 camper vans for all kinds of activity, 9 sports academies, a wellness centre with thalassotherapy and dozens of boutiques where you can shop, can satisfy any need.

We would start our day early to enjoy the first hours of the morning. Then, after breakfast with a very rich menu under the pine trees, we began training in the gym followed by a thalassotherapy session.

Forte Village’s Thalasso represents a point of excellence on the world scene: surrounded by luxuriant nature you go through a series of baths differing in salinity and temperature. Immersion and physical exercise, together with Ayurvedic Massage, give excellent results even in just a week. The afternoon would go by with beach and other activities: water games and five-a-side football for Giovanni, while for me it was pilates, aquagym and shopping. We’d begin the evening with an aperitif in our room and a dip in the hydromassage and then we were ready for a gourmet dinner.

“The food at Forte Village is exceptional. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere and the dishes are simple, perfect and rich in flavour. After dinner a go at bowling, a go-kart ride and a walk on the beach. Back in the bedroom there would be a hot herbal tea with exquisite biscuits waiting for us and a perfect bed for dreaming”.