Forte Village

Gourmet by the Sea: The Best Restaurants in Sardinia

The 19 restaurants at Forte Village are among the best gourmet restaurants by the sea in Sardinia. Right next to the Santa Margherita di Pula beach, they serve Italian and international cuisine, featuring excellent fresh ingredients and an elegant mix of new trends and traditional Sardinian dishes, all while starring Michelin chefs.

Among the big names of world cuisine cooking at the restaurants of Forte Village, there are the starred chefs Heinz Beck, with Beachcomber, his seafood restaurant in Sardinia, and Massimiliano Mascia, who brings the excellence of the Emilia Romagna cuisine to La Terrazza San Domenico, the sea view version of his famous restaurant in Imola.

Staying in exclusive 5 and 4-star hotels, or in 13 luxurious villas by the sea, enjoying all kinds of services, from spas to sports centres, from amusement parks to shopping centres and wonderful beaches, is not enough. Forte Village gives you the chance to choose among the finest Sardinian gourmet restaurants by the sea, where you will taste unique dishes and experience gastronomic adventures, thanks to today’s most renowned starred chefs.

Finally, the thick evenings schedule with Forte Village celebrity chefs includes impressive performances by Michelin-starred chefs, taking place in the Terrazza Forte Bay and Forte Gourmet.



From Heinz Beck to Massimiliano Mascia: The Starred Chefs in the Gourmet Restaurants of Forte Village

Heinz Beck Restaurant is one of the brightest stars of the Forte Village gastronomic offer and has now become a landmark among the best gourmet restaurants in Sardinia. There, you might get the chance to meet the 3-Michelin-starred German chef at the luxury resort of Santa Margherita di Pula.

Heinz Beck is also the founder of Beachcomber, a seafood restaurant in Sardinia serving freshly grilled fish, along with a menu of fresh pasta, salads and fruit. It is the ideal restaurant for your summer holiday.

Chef Massimiliano Mascia revisits the traditional cuisine of Emilia Romagna, bringing his Michelin-starred restaurant San Domenico to Pula, Sardinia. This is how Massimiliano Mascia came up with La Terrazza San Domenico, where the chef’s signature dishes meet the typical fresh ingredients of the sea and of summer, with a unique offer in terms of taste and quality.

Michelin-starred chef Rocco Iannone is entrusted with the splendid Oasis pool, Forte Village tropical oasis. At Da Rocco Iannone you can taste the finest Italian traditional cuisine, with the unmistakable touch of the Salernitano chef.

Barbecue lovers will find the Wild Scandinavian BBQ on the Forte Bay ground floor. It is the reign of chef Brian Bojsen, who was unsurprisingly dubbed The King of BBQ, and it features a huge grill in plain sight, where the creativity and flair of the Danish chef meet the freshness and uniqueness of Mediterranean ingredients.

To help you with your choice, here is Forte Village extraordinary offer of gourmet restaurants by the Sardinian Sea:

  • Heinz Beck Restaurant – chef Heinz Beck
  • La Terrazza San Domenico – chef Massimiliano Mascia
  • Da Rocco Iannone – chef Rocco Iannone
  • Wild Scandinavian BBQ – chef Brian Bojsen
  • Belvedere – chef Giuseppe Molaro
  • Le Dune – chef Andrea Putzu
  • Forte Grill – chef Francesco Siotto
  • Ristorante Sardo – chef Stefano Usai
  • Beachcomber – chef Heinz Beck
  • Ristorante Brasiliano – chef Roberto Leone
  • Pineta – chef Giuseppe Bissacot
  • Cavalieri – chef Efisio Mocci
  • Pizzeria – chef Cristian Pilloni
  • Fishmarket
  • Bellavista
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Terrazza Villa del Parco
  • Terrazza 5 stelle
  • Oasis


Gourmet Restaurants by the Sea in Sardinia: Innovation and World-class Tradition at Forte Village with Chef Stefano Usai

In addition to new culinary trends and innovation, Forte Village finest restaurants by the sea in Sardinia also include the charm of local Sardinian cuisine.

Chef Stefano Usai’s Ristorante Sardo is the ideal place for embarking on a journey through the history of Sardinia, especially through its food and wine. It offers a converging of all the different cultures which have, over time, characterised one of the most heterogeneous Mediterranean traditions.

At this local Sardinian restaurant, the guests of Forte Village will be served local meats and vegetable-based dishes, traditional Sardinian types of pasta, local cheese, desserts and regional wines.