23 Dec 2015

Christmas 2016? Every night the biggest celebration in the world!


“Every night the biggest celebration in the world” – this is the slogan of the mythical Studio 54, the discotheque that stirred up New York in the 1970s, where Bianca Jagger, inspiration to Andy Warhol and wife of Mick Jagger, rode in on a white horse.

It’s impossible not to be spellbound by her natural ability to create trends, a spontaneous gift which still fascinates and inspires designers today.

It was Bianca who started the total white trend: the suit with a male cut, with palazzo pants and low-necked blazers, taken up again today by Ermanno Scervino.

She emphasised her femininity by wearing very low-cut dresses and peek-a-boo lingerie, re-presented by the Italian maison La Perla.

Her dresses, in the glam nights, were covered with sequins like those presented by Roverto Cavalli in his latest collection.