Forte Village

Luxury Beach Resort in Italy

There are many beautiful beaches around the world and Italy boasts some of the most stunning! That perfect combination of gorgeous weather, great atmosphere, and plenty of fun can only be found on Italian shores. Exquisite water, excellent company, and plenty of sunlight are some of the things you will experience at the best beaches in Italy. Are you feeling the breeze in your face already? So, let your imagination soar and organize your next vacation at a luxury beach resort in Italy.


Sardinia is one of the most beautiful Italian islands. Surrounded by the natural environment of a fairytale: green meadows, flowery, sheep-grazing hills, and Su Meriacru: a stone house in the middle of the field, which gives it the deserved name of “the houses of the fairies”.


The region of Sardinia has beautiful architecture and touristic attractions. The island also has one of the most famous luxury resorts in Italy, Forte Village.


One of the best options for a great holiday getaway is staying at a luxury family resort in Italy. Forte Village Resort will provide everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. There are activities of all kinds, from sports to recreational activities for children and let’s not forget the many restaurants, each more delicious than the next. Undoubtedly an experience worth living.


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