At the end of a day’s work it’s time for some well-earned relaxation with our unique thalassotherapy course: six seawater pools, with the scent of a tropical garden in the air, to help you relax and recharge your batteries.

Our patented thalassotherapy course is the result of twenty years of research from a team led by Dr. Angelo Cerina. The team carried out a long series of experiments and discovered the extraordinary effects of taking seawater baths at different temperatures and with different salt concentrations, opening a new chapter in the history of wellbeing with some innovative concepts: using water with a high saline density and at different temperatures – above 35°C and below 30°C.

The results achieved and international awards that the spa has received led the Centre for Research in Medical Bioclimatology, Biotechnologies and Natural Medicines of Milan University to designate the Thalasso del Forte spa a Thalassotherapy Research Centre: a unique example in Europe that opens up new possibilities for Wellness Medicine.