We can help you consolidate the feeling of belonging to a company, convey a powerful message of cohesion and shared company values and standards, encourage people to get to know each other, and create opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences.
We want to provide people with an experience that is stimulating and involving that also gives them the chance to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. Sharing group values means creating a team identity.

Imagine a company convention in a dream location, where you can have just the right visibility and the best services. At Forte Village people learn how to be leaders and part of a team, together.

We not only offer guests the best conference facilities, but something even more exclusive: a world apart with its own unique personality.

Your team is at the top of the game. And if you think it’s just a game, you’d be right. When you’re on holiday with work colleagues at Forte Village, budget and performance won’t even be mentioned.

Product launches
We guarantee your product all the visibility it needs to be an immediate success: a spectacular perfect setting and total flexibility in how the space is organised.  Lights out, the show begins.

Sports events
The roar of engines. The crowd is going wild. The green flag waves. The race is on: for the winners, a place on the podium and champagne. How many times have you seen this on TV? At Forte Village you can be a part of this, and much more besides, for real.

Top Manager Meetings
Our passion is absolute precision, the latest technology and a craftsman’s meticulous approach. This is our job. And this means plenty of space for top managers. At Forte Village your success is guaranteed.