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If you would like to appreciate our resort’s beauty before beginning your holiday of a lifetime here, then take a look at our photo gallery and discover just how much we have to offer.

Forte Village is not just a family resort. It is ideal for any kind of holiday, because it has all the luxury of Sardinia’s best wellness centre, a galaxy of boutiques with the best labels, unrivalled nightlife, the sports amenities that make Forte Village a real sport resort, and much more besides.
Enjoy the gallery and become part of the Forte Village dream.



Here is a selection of videos to give you a flavour of all the delights in a Forte Village holiday.

With our luxurious facilities, the finest beach in the Mediterranean, the splendid Thalasso centre making Forte Village a true spa resort, the kids’ activities, and the Michelin-starred restaurants, our resort has it all.

Enjoy these gorgeous videos and you’re halfway here already.