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ITF Tournaments 2022

The Forte Village Tennis Project was born in 2013.
At its inception, the Forte Village Sports Academy ASD organised 10 $10,000 Combined tournaments on its courts at the Santa Margherita di Pula tennis club.
In 2014, the ITF Futures tournaments became 44, taking up the entire season from March to May and from September to November.
The Project became immediately unique in its kind, evolving year after year to become the only tennis event in Italy and the World to guarantee consecutively, in the same location, such a high number of Combined tournaments with $50,000 prize money per week, for men and women.
Thanks to the patronage of the Italian Federation and the support of the Region of Sardinia, which has bet on and promoted the Club’s activities, young athletes, who over time have become great champions, both Italian and foreign, have ploughed the red courts of Forte Village.
The latest edition attracted athletes from 41 different countries.
The entire territory of South Sardinia benefited from extra ordinary employment in terms of hospitality and tourist induced activities, helping to spread the island’s image as a fascinating and modern sports destination of excellence.
Although the economic and organisational effort is significant, the Island is deploying its entrepreneurial and institutional resources and betting for the future on the winning combination of Tourism & Sport.
This latest project starts on 12 September and ends on Sunday 23 October.


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